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Getting Started on PowerSchool Community

Community Manager

Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!  


We are excited to have you as part of our Community and we have some tips to help you get started. We have topics below for all members and a link to a guide for our Technical Contacts.


Note: If you are a Technical Contact who submits support cases for your school or district, we recommend reviewing our guide on Getting Started as a Technical Contact.


Some PowerSchool products use single sign-on to access the community.  If you are using one of these products, please review the guides listed below.



How to Get the Most out of our PowerSchool Community


Our Community is a great place to find answers, engage with your peers, and connect with our award-winning support team.

  1. Search: We have articles with current support topics and forum posts to help you find answers to your questions. We recommend starting by searching our Community. Check out our Search Tips!
  2. Start a Discussion: You can start a discussion from the home page or from any of our forums under product support or our Community Forum. This is a great way to learn best practices from your peers and get quick responses to your questions. Watch this quick video on posting in our forums.
  3. Contact Support: If you need to reach out to technical support, you can see our support options under Contact Support.
  4. We have many more features and resources. Review this Getting Started guide to learn more!


Video Walkthrough




View this helpful video to get started. Also, please be sure to take a moment to browse the following:


Accessing our Community


We have some content on our Community that is open to all. This includes resources such as Enrollment Family Support and PowerSchool Mobile Support.  We also assist Applicants using our Unified Talent or PeopleAdmin products when applying for a job. Please note: we are not a school website. We are happy to help with product-specific questions. Anything that requires school-level access will require contacting your school or district.


We also have Product Support resources available to those who have been granted access through their school or district. If you run into any access issues, this means we may need to confirm your access with a designated contact from your site. If you have any questions about your level of access, please feel free to post in our Community Forum and our team will be happy to help.


Creating an Account 


Video: How to Create a Community Account 


  • Click on the Sign In on the top right-hand side of the page and then click on Register Now. You can also use this direct link. 
  • Complete the form and be sure to use your organization email address.  
  • Use the link that is sent from the Community to verify your email address.  

* Note: If you see “The email address is already used by another account,” it means that a Community account was already pre-created for you. If this is the case, you can follow the instructions for resetting your password to get started. 



Resetting Your Password 


Video: How to Reset Community Password


  • Click Sign in and then Forgot User name or Password?  
  • Enter your official organization email address, and we will send you your unique username and a link to reset your password 
  • Once you have your username and password, you can sign in and get started! 


Subscriptions & Notifications 


Video: How to Subscribe and Customize Notification Settings


  • You can stay current and receive updates from our Community when new articles, discussion posts, announcements, etc., are posted.  
  • Simply navigate to any Forum, Blog, Knowledge Base and wherever you see the Options menu, click it to select Subscribe. 

Learn more about how to subscribe and manage your notifications. 



Navigating the Community 


  • About our Community is a good place to start to learn about our Community.
  • Product Support is where you’ll find our product-specific Knowledge Bases and Forums.
  • If you are a PeopleAdmin customer, you’ll see this product in our top menu here. 
  • If you are in need of additional support, you’ll see your support options under Contact Support. 
  • We have links to Customer Education and Services resources for you in our top menu.


Searching the Community 


Video: Search Tips


  • You can start a search from anywhere in our Community. When you enter a term in the Search bar, you'll see results populate from across our Community.   Here are some helpful Search Tips


Participating in Forums


Video: Posting in Forums


  • Our discussion forums are where you can interact with your peers and experts on our Community Team. Post a question, respond to others, and earn recognition for your participation. You can find your Product-specific forums under Product Support or post a question for our Community Team on the Community Forum.



Getting Help