Payment Issues



  • I am working on my form but I cannot move past the payment page.
  • I am unable to move forward because of a payment issue.




  • Are you unable to complete a form because of an issue involving payment?
  • Are you trying to pay a fee on your form and encountering an error message?


Resolution steps


  • If you are having difficulty making an online payment, see if there is an offline payment method you can select that will allow you to submit your form.
  • If you’ve made a payment but are still on the payment screen, you can submit the payment a second time using the same method and payment information.  Our system avoids duplicate payments and should allow you to move forward.
  • Some payment issues are experienced when attempting to move past the “Smart Tuition” page.  If this is the case, refer to the troubleshooting steps on the Smart Tuition support article.


Still Not Working


For additional support, please connect with us via Live Assist or send us an email through the following link:

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