Returning Student Registration


Returning Student Registration

I had already filled out the application and was just waiting to upload some documents so I never submitted my form. When I tried to continue with the application, I accientally deleted the form from my dashboard and didn't know how to get it back. Everytime I try to access the "Returning Student Application" I get a message: "We are sorry, but there is a problem with the snapcode. It appears that the snapcode has already been associated with a different family account. In order to access this Returning Student Registration you MUST sign in as ***** " I am using the same account and everything that I used before. After accidentally deleting the returning student form, I am only given the option "Register a New Student". Is there a was to access of the form I deleted? or get a new Returning Student form? Thank You...

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Hi! @Luis3,


If you are experiencing the snapcode error while accessing the Returning Student Application, I recommend reviewing the articles on Snapcode Associated with a Different Family Account and Snapcode Problem.  If the error message still persists, I suggest reaching out to the Enrollment section of your school who should be able to assist you with a new Returning Student form.  

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