Teacher portal start page


Teacher portal start page

I am reviewing our teacher portal start page settings for our upcoming PowerSchool launch and was wonder if it's possible to change a few settings.


1.) I do not want teachers entering student recommendations all year.   How do i remove that from the teacher navigation?   Can it be turned on/off when we want this process to take place?


2.) I do not want teachers to be able to print report cards and/or transcripts.  We have the PowerPack Webbased report module enabled and I have disabled all print options in all builds and district level.   If i log in as a teacher I can still look at a students profile and pick "Transcript Preferences" and it will print any students transcript.   Same holds true for report cards.


3.) Does anyone have any documentation as to what files need customized for navigation menus for the teacher portal?   I have used "teachers_nav_css.txt" but it appears that there may be more than one (i.e. the navigation goes back to the original when i click on seating chart).


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

So, for Recommendations I customize the Recs page to kill the add button and put a message that says "Recommendations are closed at this time."


You can customize the teachers_nav_css.txt wildcard to change the nav menu in PowerTeacher, but best practices would be to create a page fragment that will make the change. Otherwise you run the risk of a future update breaking your customization or your customization preventing you from seeing updates if they occur in that menu.


It's been awhile but I feel like the other wildcard that touches the nav menu is: sm_psteacher_content.txt 

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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