Student Sign in/Sign out

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Student Sign in/Sign out

Sign In/Sign Out for Students

Hello,  I am new at this so I hope I am doing this correctly.  I did not see which forum I would post in for this.


At my school we have an iPAD set up for students to sign in ( tardy). or sign out( early dismissal).  They enter their name, reason,  parent contact for  verification.  That form is linked to a google sheet.  Then. the data in the sheet has to be entered into powerschool to reflect the tardiness or early dismissal for that student.


Is there a way to upload the Google sheet with info on it into Powerschool so that the info does not have to be entered manually.   Is there a Plug in needed? I appreciate any help that can be provided.

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I am sure there is probably a way to upload it via a csv file.  But an easy fix for you right now would be to use the multiselect option on the start screen, then you can mass adjust their tardy and/or checkin/checkout.


You can do this via ssid or by their name for multiselect.