This year's new math codes


This year's new math codes

Hi there. Somehow, we just now received the notice that math code 02002 isn't an acceptable code anymore...

Do I have to delete the 02002 classes that I have under our math teacher then rebuild a new class and have the teachers reenter all their assignments and grades for each student? Or is there an easier way to fix this that I am overlooking? If I were to click on the section of these classes and change the "Course number" and the "State Course Code Override" boxes to the new number, would that work?

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

In my state we use the Course number for internal course codes and our state pulls from the Alt ID.  These numbers do not have to match.  You can change the Alt ID at anytime to align with what the state pulls.  We use the Course number to distinguish between different course types.  So course 20022 and 20022OL might be the same course with the same Alt ID for the state to read.  But the 20022OL would be an online course.  

There is a tool to change the Course number, but I would use it very sparingly because it can have unintended consequences.  If you have to change it for current year courses, try to change only what you have to, like the Alt ID or State Course Code Override.  If you don't have to change it for the current year, I would create a new version of the course for next year with the updated numbers. 

Jason Bengs, M. Ed
SIS/Database Administrator

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In my education, we've used 3 months on HTML and CSS.

HTML seems nice and somewhat easy, CSS okay in the beginning but can become a mess later.

Now we've started JS, and the syntax is so different. It reminds me a bit of math with all the functinos and variables and i suck at that.

As i sit and try to study this, it feels like my brain works fundamentally too different for this and i sit and try to force it to think and process a certain way. Mostly without success.

At this point, its somewhat frightening and discouraging.