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Sections in Schoology/Powerschool

How do I set up a student in the same course with other students as Pass/Fail while maintaining standard grading for the rest? If the answer is that you can't, you need to fix this bug. I have multiple sections of a course where I have to manage materials because one student in each class elected Pass/Fail.


Also, while I'm asking, why can't all of my sections of a course be on the same schoology page and just have different gradebooks and setup pages for tests/quizzes for each section. It is really frustrating to have to set up the same materials multiple times. And, it stinks that when you copy assignments from one class to the next, that schoology strips out the Google Assignment attachments. For a teacher in a rural district with multiple preps, this consumes more time than I have available to devote to setting up my online course

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Hi @kbenton 


The only way to achieve this would be if you created completely separate set of materials and individually assigned those to the pass/fail student and then used a separate scale for those materials.



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