Schedule Issue


Schedule Issue



I need assistance with some proof and validation, I work in a charter school that uses PowerSchool, I'm in charge of putting together teacher schedules so the secretaries can enroll the students to their assigned classes, after I put the schedules together the secretary enrolled all 400 students to their assigned classes, then after the principal made me switch 2 assigned specialist periods to different days. When you look at students schedule from bell view you can see 2 the empty spots wear those original periods were originally assigned to, but if you look at the student schedule from the matrix view you can see the child is still assigned to the classes before I made the switch. Looking at the student schedule from bell view is big thing for this principal and now he is blaming me for the missing 2 periods looking at the students schedule from bell view. I tried to explain to the principal it's the change had me perform. I told the principal the only way to fix this issue is to drop the students from all their classes and do quick enroll for all the students or manually drop them from their original periods and manually add those 2 periods for every student. 


I need some validation behind this so I clear my name anyone who knows about this, this would be helpful.       

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @khaughton


To assist you further, would you please elaborate on how you made the switch? Did you uncheck and recheck the box?

Did you make the switch after school started?





Jyotishka B.
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