What is the Search Agent?



What is the Search Agent?




This section allows candidates to create and save their search criteria and set up an "email job
alert" frequency to receive emails when jobs that match the criteria are posted.


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1. Candidate Status: It is extremely important that you keep your status up to date so that
we know where you are in the job search process.


• "Actively seeking..." Your profile and search criteria will be included in schools' candidate searches and schools will know that you would most likely consider their jobs.
• "Not actively looking..." Your profile will be included in searches, and the schools will know that you might consider a job offer.
• "Happy with current job..." Your profile will not be included in searches and you will not be contacted by potential employers.


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2. Email Alerts: The frequency that you would like to receive notification of new jobs posted
on SchoolSpring.com that match your search criteria: never, daily, or weekly.


3. Date Available: The month in which you can begin working for a new employer. A
candidate will only appear in an employer's search results if their "Available to Start" date
is earlier or equal to the starting date specified by the employer.


4. Job Type: Click the type of position that you are seeking.


5. Location(s): The states (or International) in which you are willing to work. If you would
work in any state, click on "Any State" at the top of the list. To select multiple states: on a
pc hold the CTRL key and click the states; on Mac press the OPTION key and click the


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6. Grade Level: Click in the boxes to check the grade ranges with which you would like to
work. Click the boxes again to deselect a grade.


7. Job Categories: Click in the boxes to check the job categories that you are seeking and
for which you are qualified. Click the boxes again to deselect a job category.


8. Agent Type: Specify if you'd like to make all your information available to potential
employers, or remain anonymous and only reveal limited information to potential
employers. Anonymous Search Agents provide employers access to your personal
introduction, test scores (not attachments), certifications (not attachments), language skills
and extracurricular activities. Remember that when you apply to an employer, all your
information will be available to that employer.


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