Re: reset password/ This password reset link has been deactivated.


Re: reset password/ This password reset link has been deactivated.

Please advise on how to reset the password when recieving the notice above. 

It looks like this

and I am trying in two luck 

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @cynthialeathers,


If you are using your district email address the district would block your emails, as a result, the link is getting deactivated.  I recommend contacting the district IT department who should be able to unblock your email address then you can reset the password with the link.


The error stems from internal protections set up on the district's email post office.  It is very common to have external emails scanned for links and the protection software to access the links to check for safety.  However, password reset links are one-time use.  The scan renders reset the password link as deactive.

Muskan Sehar

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Hi, I had this same problem and it turned out that it was because I have a password manager program that auto-fills in the password. For some reason, that was messing up what was going on. What I did was open a different browser that does not have that auto-fill function set up. then I clicked the "forgot password" thing, filled in my email and it sent me the email. Then when I clicked on the link in that email, the link worked.