Resetting Password


Resetting Password

I am attempting to apply for a current job listing to the link below:


It is not recognizing my Username or Password. When I have attempted to reset password using my security question it states that the response is incorrect, which is the city I was born. The response was correct. I have attempted several times either with no email reply or I receive an error message stating:


Applicant Profile
This password reset link has been deactivated.


I would appreciate any assistant to reset password so I may access account to apply for current job listing I am interested in. Thank you.


Have a Great Day,

Shana B

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @ShanaBrady,


Thank you for posting your question in the Community.


We understand your concern, the password reset links are active for four hours, post which they are deactivated. Please make sure that you are accessing it before it gets deactivated. 


If you are trying to access the link within four hours and you continue to receive the message that the link is deactivated, I recommend reaching out to the Unified Talent Applicant Support team via this direct link to request assistance with resetting your account password.



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