PowerSchool Installation Request


Regardless of whether a customer opts to perform the installation of PowerSchool for themselves or chooses to purchase it from Pearson or its affiliates, there are several critical tasks that must be completed to ensure the successful installation, implementation, operation, and support of the application and database.  Please complete the tasks found within Steps 2a, 2b, and 2c to prepare for the installation of your instance of PowerSchool.


The completion of each of the steps will result in either the installation of PowerSchool by Pearson or its affiliates, or the notification of the completion of a customer's own installation efforts; this will allow the implementation to proceed.  Customers initially preferring to perform the installation themselves may choose to purchase the service at any time should they change their mind.

If you would like to purchase on-site installation services or technical consultation regarding hardware and virtualization, please send an email to the Technical Solutions Group Help Desk. 


Questions concerning this information should be directed to your Implementation Project Manager.  Otherwise, please proceed to SIS Installation Step 2a: Server Purchase and Installation.


Note: By submitting the PowerSchool Installation Request, the customer acknowledges that they have read and agree to the conditions within the PowerSchool Installation Service Statement of Work provided below.


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