How to Launch Chat Support

For the fastest results, we encourage you to try our Chat Support! Chat support lets you quickly connect with a PowerSchool expert in real-time to provide immediate customer support.  

Designated Support Contacts can launch chat for Support teams that offer Chat Support by navigating to Contact Support in the main menu and then Launch Chat Support The Support teams who offer Chat Support to all users of a product are listed below along with the direct link to the Chat Support form. 

This video below guides Designated Support Contacts through our process of launching Chat Support and can also guide users on how to complete the fields within all Chat Support forms. 





PowerSchool Enrollment Family Support 

Unified Classroom/PowerSchool Learning 

Unified Insights - Student 

Unified Talent 

  • Chat Support:  
    • Applicant Support Chat 
    • Perform: Connect through the Perform help site 
    • RecordsConnect through the Records help site 
    • Applicant Tracking (Hire, Hire Pro, Recruit and Hire): Connect through the Applicant Tracking help site 
  • Chat Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST (5:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST) 

How do I gain access for my district to submit a help ticket?  I can access the screen, but when I click on information now, I am told I do not have access.  Please advise!

There are only certain people in your organization that can contact support on behalf of your district.  Most likely you do not have that access.  Speak to your System Administrator to find out who has access and they can open a case for you.

@SharonF4 Thank you for jumping in to help other PowerSchool Community users.




Some resources in PowerSchool Community is accessible by all the users, while others are restricted to specific roles in a district such as the role of a Designated Support Contact or users with a PowerSource account.  


If you are unable to access a resource it is likely that the resource is only accessible by Designated Support Contacts of a district or by users with a PowerSource account.  In case you feel that you should have access to certain resources, I recommend reaching out to a Designated Support Contact of your district to request the access to be added to your account.


You can also send an email at and PowerSchool will work with the current Designated Support Contacts within your school district to request the access be added to your account.

For further information, please refer to our guide to Getting Started on PowerSchool Community for Designated Support Contacts (Technical Contacts).

Are you ever going to have a chat for PowerSchool Special Programs?

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Thank you for posting in the Community.



Designated Support Contacts can connect with the Special Programs Support team using Live Chat.  The video in this article walks through this process.  You can navigate to the Chat Support page by hovering over Contact Support and selecting Launch Chat Support or using this direct link.  You'll want to make sure to select Special Programs in the Product field.



If you are not a Designated Support Contact, the article provides a list of PowerSchool solutions that offer chat support for all users.

I am the new SIS administrator and cannot access the chat or support ticket can someone help please??!

Are you the technical contact for your district?  If not, your technical contact is the only one who can access chat.

Yes I am supposed to be the techincal contact

If you have another technical contact in the district, I suggest having them add you as the technical contact for your district.

Hi @BarbaraD2! thank you for jumping in and offering your assistance here!


@mnorman1, I will reach out to you through a case to discuss your access to the Case/chat portal in PowerSchool Community to avoid sharing any private information here.