Creating cohorts

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Creating cohorts

I am a brand new administrator and tasked with splitting the school into 2 balanced cohorts for hybrid learning.  I can easily split the school into two equal groups, but when I do so some of the classes become unbalanced with too many students in one room to be able to keep them socially distant.  Without going through each course by hand, is there a way to do this on powerschool? 

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Community Support Expert


If you are using PowerScheduler to schedule your courses you can go navigate to Start Page > PowerScheduler > Courses > Preferences and define the Maximum Enrollment field to set to the maximum number of students that you would like in a course. 


Also, make sure to enable the Close Section After Max option, this will automatically close enrollment to the section when the maximum number of students is met.


You can select multiple courses and navigate to Start Page > PowerScheduler > Functions (under Tools) > Auto Fill Course Information and set the above options on multiple courses.

Bishal G.
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