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new student enrollment

Hi, I'm trying to begin a new student application but I haven't received the 15 character Snapcode. It's not in my spam folder either. Please help!



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Hi! @phoebs128 


Snapcodes are student-specific identifying codes that add an extra layer of security to your student’s information.  When it is time for you to complete your online form, your school will send you a letter or an email.  This letter or email contains your student’s snapcode.  Additionally, the email will often include a hyperlink to access the online form. 


If you cannot find this email, letter, or have not received notification from your school, please contact your school district directly to request your snapcode. 


For more information, I recommend reviewing the articles on lost or don't have a snapcode and No snapcode.

Muskan Sehar

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I too have started new enrollment and says page not available to fill out forms or gotten a code ! Plz help



A few common reasons that can result in a page not available error message include the current school year registration form not made available by the school or district or the link you are trying to access is for an old discontinued form that is no longer in use.  Please reach out to the school or district to report the issue and they should be able to guide you with further information.

Bishal G.
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