Returning student registration 2020-2021


Returning student registration 2020-2021



We have applied for online educations for our daughters. While checking for their schedule today, I signed into the Parent Portal this morning and noticed the following message:


"Grades, attendance and home rooms details will be unlocked once the Returning Student Registration Form is completed for this Student.
Click Returning Student Registration 2020-2021 on the left navigation bar to begin."


When I tried to open that form, then I received the following the error message:


Unable to Locate Record with Matching ID


Could you please assist me what to do in this situation? 


Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi @imirza 


Thank you for reaching out for assistance through PowerSchool Community!


One of our community members had a similar question and the resolution was provided within the thread. I recommend reviewing it for resolution.

Sowmya Karmel
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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Thank you @SowmyaN.  I greatly appreciate your help with my question.


Considering I've enrolled my kids for online classes (distance learning),  I had to call DDSB on this issue and also sent emails to the relevant addresses.  I am currently awaiting their response to those questions and let's see how it goes. 


Thanks again.