How-To: Change Account Information


  • I want to change my account information (phone number, email address, security questions, etc.).
  • My account information is incorrect or old.



  • Do you have an Enrollment account?
  • Is your account information incorrect?



  1. Login to your Enrollment account through your school’s website or by using the link emailed to you by your school. (Forgot your password? Review our Forgot Password article.)

    Create account.PNG

  2. Once logged into your account you will see links at the top right of the page that say “Home” “My Account” “Save & Log Out
  3. Click “My Account


  4. Click “Change” next to the information you would like to change
  5. Click “Save

Create account.PNG



Still Not Working

  • If you have forgotten your password, review our Forgot Password article.


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