Syncing between Schoology and Powerschool


Syncing between Schoology and Powerschool

I have matching weighted categories in both Powerschool and Schoology.  When syncing, Schoology shows assignments as synced successfuly.  However in 1 case an assignment is not syncing at all to Powerschool, even though Schoology shows it as successful.  In all classes, the final grade does not match between systems, sometimes showing more than 10% difference.


Schoology gradebooks appear to be calculting correctly.  Are there additional settings other than matching categories and ensuring the correct grading period that might prevent syncing?

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

For your first question, I would check Schoology Grade Setup> Grade Categories and make sure there aren't two categories with the same name (this can happen when you copy grade categories from a previous semester). If one assignment is using the duplicate category, then it won't give an error, but it won't sync over to PowerSchool.


For the second issue, I would check the Schoology Grade Setup>Grade Categories and see if the category weights are set to total points or percentage. I think PowerTeacher Pro is set to weight by total points, so if Schoology is set to percentage, that will create a discrepancy.

Emily Zauss Colpi
Mariemont City Schools