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Quizzes on schoology.com

I have a few questions.
1) I have exported many assessments to the question bank.  When I try to import questions from them, it doesn't work.  Please assist.
2) How can we upload a quiz into a blank assessment from (1) a .rtf file and (2) from a blackboard file?  It looks like the ability to upload quizzes from other formats has been limited?  
3) will the ability to upload quizzes be further limited in the future? 
Please assist, thank you.
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Community Support Expert

Hi @willhall 


  1. We would need to take a closer look in order to rectify the reason on why you are unable to import questions. So we recommend reaching out to the Technical Support Contact of your district who should be able to connect with the PowerSchool Support Team on your behalf. The Support Team would be able to take a closer look at this and provide the further troubleshooting steps.

  2. You can refer to the documents: converting-test-quiz and tests-quizzes on more information to upload a quiz into a blank assessment.

  3. Currently, we do not have timeline on the ability to upload quizzes and for further assistance, we recommend contact the Technical Contact of your district.  




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