Quick Look Up preferences


Quick Look Up preferences

How do you get the cumulative attendance to show up on Quick look up page? Please see the screen shot. I am pretty sure it has to be a setting I am not finding. We can get the S2 attendance to show but not the whole year.  This is showing me the students attendance for only second semester and in the 23-24 column it is not totaling the whole year.  This student should have a 1, 2,2,2,3 in the 23-24 column.


Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 1.45.56 PM.png

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I believe it depends on what term you have selected on settings. When you select which term you want to display. You might have to change that to (example 24-25) instead of just S2. Not 100% sure or if you're an administrator you should be able to switch to the whole school year term. I don't know if this fully helped.