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Partner Integrations

Dear Powerschool team:

We currently have a handful of public school districts using our ECM solutions for paperless office archival of vital records and documents as well as automated Business Process Workflows for file and document-centric operations. From what I’ve seen up close, and just by your website both, we don’t compete in any areas of public school district management and automation tasking or resourcing, so that’s always good!

Our growth in the public school district sector is growing rapidly, as all of our competitors in this space are abusing the customer districts both by drastic increases in costs and with less-than-adequate software performance.

To this end, 2 of our districts right now, are asking our New Employee Onboarding workflow, to be able to create a new Employee Payroll record in Talent ED’s payroll functions of your software. We’re wondering if we can partner with you on this.

Our needs from PowerSchool are very minimal. To create the new employee payroll record in your database. We could use whatever method you like, if you’ll permit us, a REST-API connection, an ODBC write-to or an OLEDB connection, whatever the Talent ED system would require, and to do so along your safety and security protocols, whatever they need to be.

Our software applications can integrate with any 3rd-party software, and at a very low cost for the customer-district. These two districts felt the use of the forms for onboarding Payroll data into the Talent ED system would not work for their usual employee onboarding work cycle, so they’ve asked us to collect the data in our E-Forms, run the approval and evaluation process in their Finance Department, archive the forms as official applicant documents, and then send the data over to Talent ED and create the payroll record in your Payroll application.  We can also tie in seamlessly with your product, and enable all file retrievals of external documentation and input data to any Powerschool product too, right out of our box.

I do hope this is okay and a welcome integration for your operations and forward-looking goals. We try to fill gaps wherever a public school district has missing links or data-communication cut-offs in their daily operations. We typically save a large district at least 7 figures annually with our Paperless Office ECM systems and workflow automation. And our system can extend the PowerSchool applications reach by making other systems port over data and communications to Talent ED and other systems, since we’re such a good ‘middleware’ option when needed.

These two districts want to find out fast if this can be done, so I hope our request hits the right chord with PowerSchool management and you can get back to us when possible. Also, last note, if you need to see what is being described here by the districts, we could get one of them on a remote session with you all, and show you exactly what is being discussed.

Thank you,

Terrence Abrams
CEO, Dynamic Excellence in Information, Inc.
“The Paperless Office Professionals”
208 Sky Oak Lane – PMB 1152
Huntsville, Texas 77340
(832) 604-6605 x1010 Office
(713) 305-1212 Mobile/Cell<>

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Community Support Expert

Hi @SuperTAbrams 


Thank you for sharing on the PowerSchool Community.


I see that we have recently reached out to you to chat about the PowerSchool Partner program.


Let us know if we can further assist you with the community.

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