Data Integration


Data Integration

Sorry for posting this here...

We are new to Naviance, but not new to PowerSchool.  We are in the process of trying to set up integration between Clever and Naviance.  Our Senior Application Application Specialist suggested that we convert to the new integration platform, which we are okay with.  We were told we needed to open a support ticket because the district was already provisioned under the old integration system.


I can't seem to open a support ticket.  When I do through the process to open a new ticket, under "Account", there are no option, and I can't go beyond that point.  Can't do a chat either for the same reason.  How does one need to proceed from there?



Michael Ramaley

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Community Knowledge Manager
Community Knowledge Manager

Hi @mramaley 

We are reviewing your access to Chat and Case Support in the Community and will follow up with you through a case in order to protect your privacy. 


This article will provide the most common reasons you may receive a message that you do not have access to a resource.

Saffiya Tasneem
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