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Parent Account Access



I have attempted to log in to my Schoology account as a parent.  My password isn't working.  I select the forgot password link to get the password reset email; however, I have not received any emails.  I've checked my inbox, junk and spam mailboxes and it is not there.  I have done this for two separate parent accounts and two separate emails.


I tried to register again; however it says that my emails are already linked to an account.


I've tried calling customer support and can't talk to a human.


I've tried to set up a live chat and need to be able to log in to do so.


Please help.  I have wasted too much time on this problem already.


Richard Malt

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If you've exhausted all self-help options and still can't receive the password reset email, consider reaching out to Schoology's customer support or helpdesk again. When calling, try to follow the prompts to speak with a human agent. If you can't reach someone immediately, stay on the line or listen to the options for account or technical support. You can also try contacting Schoology through their official website or social media channels, explaining the issue and requesting assistance.