LTI 1.3 Deeplinking request


LTI 1.3 Deeplinking request



A few weeks ago i started seeing  that the JWT for Deeplinkign requests were comming with the accept_presentation_document_targets as empty 

"deep_link_return_url": "",
    "accept_types": [
    "accept_presentation_document_targets": [],
    "accept_media_types": "text/html",
    "accept_multiple": true,
    "data": "27c89946-5d35-4122-8f36-a50d3b99cf0d"


This is something new from Schoology since in the past this fields comes with a valid value. Wonder if there is a release that changed the behavior? 


Also, empty should be consider a valid value for this field ? 


Thanks in advance

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