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Course List

Hello I am looking to see if there is a way to print a list of both active and inactive courses once we are live?  Any help is appreciated.

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PowerSchool Mentor

One option is to go to DDE.  Make Courses your current table, Select all records and Export Records.  Choose the Fields you want to include  and submit.  This will generate a CSV or text file.  

To get to DDE (I have it bookmarked) change the end of the URL to admin/tech/dde/home.html

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How do you select only your current courses? Only for this current year 22-23.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @mhernandez,


You can find active course list for a single school by following the listed steps:


1. Log in to PowerSchool.
2. Navigate to Start Page > System > Direct Database Export (DDE).
3. Select the Schools (39) table.
4. Click Select all records in this table.
5. Click Table View.
6. Click the school.
7. Copy the contents of the ActiveCrsList field.
8. Paste the (semicolon-delimited) list of course numbers into a text editor or spreadsheet.


Additionally, you can view the active course list on the screen for printing by following the listed steps:


1. Log in to PowerSchool.
2. Navigate to Start Page > School > Courses.
3. Click Filter Results.
4. Select the Active checkbox, and set its value to Yes.
5. Confirm that the active courses are listed.
6. Click Print (to print the results to the screen).
7. Right-click on the page, and choose Select All, or press CTRL+A (Win) / COMMAND+A (Mac).
8. Right-click on the selection, and choose Copy, or press CTRL+C (Win) / COMMAND+C (Mac).
9. Paste the list of courses into a text editor or spreadsheet.


Please let me know if this helps or in case of further questions.


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