New Applicant Login Experience!

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

New Applicant Login Experience!

With the launch of the new applicant login experience, the applicants will be able to access the jobs on different district job boards by logging in once. There will be no need to create multiple accounts, remember their credentials, and log in repeatedly.

With Auth0, the new login experience will make the accounts more secure and offer better privacy of data for the users. The latest security protocols and standards protect the platform against malicious attacks. 



Access Your Account


For first-time users or returning applicants to access their account using the new login system, you must "sign up" first. Follow these steps:


  1. Click on "Sign In/Sign Up".
  2. Sign up to create your account. 
  3. Enter your email address (preferably the one used before).
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Verify your email address.
  6. Return to the Job Board.
  7. Click on "Sign In/Sign Up" again.
  8. Enter the email address you just created for the account.
  9. Enter your password to sign in.
  10. Complete the account linking workflow.

Now, you have access to your account.




Having Trouble Logging In? 

Scenario-1: I am an active SchoolSpring user





Active SchoolSpring users can use their account credentials to access the new Applicant Tracking login experience.


Access old data

After logging in (using the email and password), you will be directed to the Access Data window. If you had an ATS account with the same logged-in email address before the new applicant login experience was released.



Click Continue to access the application and profile data. Check the username to ensure you are accessing the right account.



Click Use Another Account to enter the credentials of the account for which you want to access the data.


If you had an ATS account with a different email address before the new applicant login experience was released:


Enter the username and password of the ATS account and click Continue to access the application and profile data. The logged-in email address will be saved as the default for this credentials/account.



If you do not wish to access the data of your old account, click Skip and then click Continue. You will need to authorize access every time you sign into an Applicant Tracking district for the first time.


Scenario-2: I had an account on one or more Applicant Tracking districts before the new experience was launched





If you are an old user who has returned to Applicant Tracking and wish to access your old data, you can follow these steps to Sign up and Access old data.


Sign up

Visit the ATS website and click the Sign In/Sign Up button at the top of the page. You will be redirected to the login window.



  • Click the Sign up link. 
  • Provide the email address you wish to use for login. You can use the same email address as that of your old ATS account.
  • Enter a password of your choice.
  • Click Continue. A verification link will be sent to the email address. Go to your email inbox and click on the link to verify your account.
  • After your email is verified, you are ready to use the new applicant login experience.


Access old data

After logging in (using the email and password), you will be directed to the Access Data window. Perform the Access old data steps as mentioned in Flow-1 through Flow-4.


Scenario-3: I am using Applicant Tracking for the first time


Sign up

Perform the Sign up steps as mentioned in Flow-5.




Skip access data

After logging in (using the email and password), you will be directed to the Access Data window. 



Click Skip to not access the application and profile data. You will receive an irreversible action message, click Continue.





Contact Applicant Support: Click here

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I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, I started to create a how to document, complete with pictures & arrows - and it became just as confusing!

Even our most tech savvy applicants struggle with this.


What is the log in link? Can't even figure out how to tell our applicants to get started. 


Good morning


This isn't working for me

Tanya Cooper-Johnson

A couple of comments from a district that has been using this process since the fall:

  • The "Don't have an account - sign up should be larger if not it's own box. Many users are clicking the "New Applicant Login" in the pink box thinking that is the next step and then get confused when it is only information on how to sign up.
  • After a new account has been verified, it would be easiest for new applicant if the account verified message landed back on the sign in page - again new applicants are confused as to where to go to next.
  • Then when the applicant goes back to the login page and sees the same boxes as when they first started the process, they think that they did not complete the process correctly.

Absolutely agree!!!!


This is why there aren’t teachers because of apps like this 



While I understand the concept of single login - I think the number of people that benefit from it is far, far less then those that apply to only 1 school district. 


The "Having Trouble Logging?" Option directing applicants to this page is unhelpful as well. People are generally confused by this new process, even if the successfully verify their account, they still click on this button because the process the overly long and they don't understand what they are doing wrong. Once they are directed to this page, they read the step by step and are further confused. A lot of them call and say "I've already created my account, why is it teaching me how to do it again?" But they are inclined to click on "Having trouble logging in?" because in their minds, they are having trouble logging in.


I think its imperative for the PowerSchool Tech Support team to remember that your demographic is not really accustomed to technology; what seems simple to your team, people who work with computers daily, is not simple to the average person. The two step verification process is much more of a hassle than the old log in format. Never before have I devoted so much to time to simply helping people create accounts, which is ironic considering that this was supposed to be a change that made it easier for everyone involve. And I would like reiterate that this is not a matter of people taking time to adjust; we have hundreds of first time applicants who knew nothing of the old log in experience. It's a totally new experience to them, and it will not get any less confusing. 


They say we have a teacher shortage, and here is the reason why 


I feel PowerSchool needs to redesign the sign in page altogether.

Please reach out to your school districts for user end suggestions!


Programs like this is why we have teacher shortages 


I have been following up this thread and wonder when it will affect us. I log in to our ATS admin site today, a warning message at the bottom telling me that "New Applicant Login Experience - Mar 4, 2024". Today is 3/1/2024 Friday, and next Monday 3/4/2024, our ATS site is going to get a new look? 

This is scary. I still don't know what the site will look like and instruction to tell users what to do. 


I was hoping it will never get to us and hoping we would get notification earlier. 



Today is our day that the new login experience takes effect in our district. We are a district in Louisiana and not many districts here use ATS product. I can't compare our user experience to yours. I agree the instruction on PS site is a bit confusing but it is not that hard to create an account and link our previous data. If users don't remember their previous username, or password, there is a way to do so as well. 


I create two instructions for our applicants, and put them on our school board job portal website. You can screenshot to have your own district name if you want to. But this are what I get from PS' instruction flow chart. These steps work for us. 


This has to be one of the least user friendly things I've ever seen. I had an account with the district that included all my inputed information, which is no magically gone. I now have to restart the application completely because no option is being offered to transfer information from other accounts. Hiring season has started and I do not have the time to wait for this organization to work out glitches, I need easy access to my account now with the information. Previously I had been ready to go and submit an application now I completely have to start over. No other school district I have seen uses this system for their application they use frontline and I'm honestly glad. There was zero communication from the district or portal that this change was coming. I don' understand how it had to become so difficult to reconfigure the website to allow application materials to carry over. 

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @ganell10 


Thank you for contacting the PowerSchool Community.


Should you require help connecting your account, you can refer to this instructional video: "Linking An Old Applicant Account To The New Candidate Login."


If you encounter further difficulties accessing your Applicant Tracking account post-linking, kindly contact PowerSchool Support for assistance. They will gladly help you resolve any issues.

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