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Good morning, I am trying to submit my application at https://ats4.atenterprise.powerschool.com/ats/app_login?COMPANY_ID=00014342&goto_url=%2Fats%2Fapplic...

and I continue to get the following error messages.

Error Message 1.PNGError Message 2.PNG

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

I see the error message states the email address does not match an account within the site.  Please make sure you are entering the correct email address.  If you receive the error message with the correct email address, you will want to create a new account.  If you previously created an account with a different email, you can view the article linked below on how to recover your username or password.





As some random guy I am unsure how to assist. However if you need to recover an account from the previous version of schoolspring the following thread may help. Alternatively you can use the following link to make a support ticket or chat directly with an agent.