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My district uses TalendEd to post job openings. I can't view internal postings. For internal postings, you need to log in using username and password. I have forgotten my username and password. I think I have figured out my username but not my password. When I click on the 'forgot password' link, it emails me a link to change my password. I click on this link and it says the link has been deactivated. I am stuck. Can anyone help?

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You should be able to contact your school district and they should be able to look up your password. 

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Thank you. I started with them and they told me they couldn't help that I needed to do it through the website.


Hi @MichelleM75, Thank you for posting on PowerSchool Community!

@ROBING4 is correct. Since the reset password option is not working for you as mentioned, your school district's Designated Support Contact should be able to help you by assigning a temporary password to your account and communicating the temporary password to you.

However, if you are continuing to experience difficulties accessing your account and your district's Designated Support Contact is unable to help you, I recommend reaching out to the Unified Talent Support Team using this direct link.


Hope this helps!

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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