Granting SHSM for Student with Missing Requirements

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Granting SHSM for Student with Missing Requirements


The Ministry has indicated that students will be able to earn their SHSM award even if they have not completed all of the requirements, including certifications and courses.  In order to accommodate this scenario, new versions of TwebSchAdmin (5.42.30) and Core Trillium (4.13.10) are required.


Using these new versions, a user with the new security task 'Override SHSM Earned Date Calculation' will be able to enter the Earned Date and Granted by school number for an SHSM that is missing one or more requirements. The date and school number will be entered directly through the Award/Credit page.  Without the security task, the user is limited to updating the existing Earned Date and Granted by School number.


Even with the new security task, there will be some constraints when awarding the SHSM via this override.  The first is that the school must ensure that the student is on track to earn their OSSD 1999 at the end of June 2020.  Use the 'Award OSSD Separately' field on the Award/Credits page to allow Trillium to award the student their OSSD 1999 diploma without the SHSM having been completed. Note that the user will be able to enter the earned date and granted by school number information for the student's SHSM even though the OSSD 1999 has not yet been awarded.  This will allow the schools to begin the SHSM overrides early for students who have completed all of their course requirements, and are only missing certifications or SHSM component items.  To signal that the student has earned their red seal, the earned date should be the same for both the OSSD 1999 and the SHSM.


The second condition is that both an Earned Date and Granted By information must be specified for the SHSM.  Entering only one of the two fields will not be accepted.


With this override capability, it will not matter what the missing requirement is for a student.  It could be the SHSM component, or certifications (mandatory or elective), or even credits.  By entering the earned date and granted by school, you will have bypassed the compulsory credit calculation.  Please note that once the SHSM earned date is overridden, the compulsory credit calculation WILL NOT mark any further courses as SHSM credits. The SHSM Master Record will record the requirements, certifications and credits that the student has completed.  The watermark indicating that requirements are 'Partially Completed' will not appear.  There is no need to show the student as having completed more certifications than they actually did.


If the SHSM is overridden in error, the user can clear out both the earned date and granted by BSID.  This will reset the override indicator and the compulsory credit calculation will again calculate the student's SHSM.


In the past, Trillium has provided scripts to enable courses to count towards SHSM requirement areas that could not be accomplished through Transcript Information.  While this will still be an option, Boards may also choose to use this new override capability to grant the SHSM without the missing course.


The Ministry's Student Success branch has provided a Q&A document on SHSM questions.  A copy of the document is available in this article.


June 9 Additional note:  Please refer to the article Performing SHSM overrides for multiple students for information on an option for updating SHSM overrides en masse.