Waiving Community Involvement and Literacy Test Requirements

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Waiving Community Involvement and Literacy Test Requirements


In the past, the Ministry has indicated that students who are not able to complete the community hours and literacy test requirements for the OSSD diploma should still be awarded their diploma. In a meeting with the Ministry on May 13th, they clarified expectations on how the information would be recorded on the student's Transcript.   Students who did not complete the community hours and/or literacy test requirements should have the corresponding N/A box checked for that requirement.



Trillium currently provides the ability within the Award/Credit page to set the Literacy Test Requirements to N/A for students working on the OSSD 1999.  Students who have the N/A value set will be able to have their diploma granted as long as all other requirements have been met.  When printing the student's transcript, the N/A box under the Provincial Secondary School Literacy Requirement section will be checked. Boards have this feature available to them in their current Trillium version.



In order to waive the community involvement requirement, modifications will need to be made to Trillium.  With TwebSchAdmin 5.42.30 and Core Trillium 4.13.10, a new 'Waive Hours Requirement' field will be added to the Award/Credits page under the Community Involvement section.  When this field is checked on, the compulsory credit calculations will exclude the requirement of 40 hours of community service from the OSSD 1999 diploma requirements.  When printing the transcript, if this new field is checked on, the N/A checkbox will be checked.


These releases are targetted for June 5, 2020.