Performing SHSM overrides for multiple students

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Performing SHSM overrides for multiple students


PowerSchool has prepared an additional script package that will assist Boards with performing a mass override of SHSM awards.  The script is available under the Core Trillium 4.13.10 folder on PowerSource.  It creates a new table to hold two pieces of information for a student who has been identified as requiring an SHSM override:  Student OEN and the BSID of the school granting the SHSM. 


The board is responsible for updating this table with the identifying data for the students who are to be processed.  Boards can begin to collect this information now, for insertion into the table once the script has been applied.  


The script package also includes a stored procedure that can be run to populate the SHSM earned date and granted by information for each student in the new table.  When running the procedure, the DBA provides the earned date as a parameter for the procedure.  By using this script, schools will not need to override students on an individual basis, and the overrides can be completed quickly, allowing the schools to complete the achievement cycle to collect all final course marks.