Performing SHSM updates for Multiple students


Performing SHSM updates for Multiple students

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I looking to see if there are any updates on this script for the SHSM table.





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Hi @mscottmcauliffe , If you haven't found the script yet, its available on PowerSource under the Trillium Core 4.13.10 update page.


Performing SHSM overrides for multiple students

We have prepared a script package to assist Boards in performing a mass override of SHSM awards. The script will create a new table to hold two pieces of information for a student who has been identified as requiring an SHSM override: Student OEN and the BSID of the school granting the SHSM (and diploma). Please note: Students that will have their SHSM overwritten should have the Award OSSD separately flag set on. You also must complete your achievement cycle prior to running this script.
Please read the readme.txt file within the zip file for instructions.