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Schedule Question



I'm trying to finalize my schedule for 2020-2021, however with our hybrid model, the schedules are different for in-school learners and remote learners. What do I need to do to reflect this as I know I can only have one schedule?  I do have my students broken into 2 teams, one team is M/W and the other T/Th. Everyone is remote on Friday. Everyone has 2 schedules, one for in school and one for remote learning. Any thoughts on how to reflect the schedules, am I correct in thinking I need to use cycle days to reflect this?

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You definitely want to check out Jason Springel's PowerSchool Insider videos where he has talked about this in numerous episodes.  We are using Tracks to distinguish AM and PM cohorts. You can see some of his ideas:


Episode 90 (and also more theory Episode 87)


He also released a plugin which helps to show this on the Parent Portal.  PowerSource Download ID 1079


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