PowerSchool SIS to Version 21.4.x


PowerSchool SIS to Version 21.4.x



I got a notification about PowerSchool SIS to Version 21.4.x having an Asset tracking for electronics.

Does anyone offer a demo of how this is going to work?

I want to know if we should still pursue creating custom fields to track student devices checking them in and out. Or if we should wait for this update?


Please, any info would be helpful.


Lorena Emanuel

Bristol Public Schools, CT

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

@lemanuel2  - I haven’t seen anything about the new release yet, but I’m willing to bet that @jasonspringel will be posting a demo on the new release very soon on his next Insider episode. 

Barbara Dell'Armo
Park Ridge School District - NJ

PowerSchool Mentor of the Year 2022 Winner

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