PowerSchool Non-Production Installation

PowerSchool's Technical Solutions Group (TSG) is pleased to offer the installation of PowerSchool Non-Production instances on hardware based at your location.  Optionally, you may also purchase hardware for this purpose from TSG, for more details on how to purchase hardware contact us via  TSGHelpDesk@powerschool.com


Reviewing the information found within this page may help you determine if you would like to purchase the service from TSG and will guide you through the process should you decide to do so.


Five Easy Steps to Request the Installation of a Non-Production Instance.

Review the An Introduction to TSG to determine if you would like TSG to perform the installation for you.

  1. Review the Non-Production Installation Fee Structure to determine how much the service will cost.
  2. Submit your purchase order to TSG by faxing it to 916.288.1590 with the Description, PowerSchool Non-Production Instance.
  3. Review the non-production minimum system requirements to ensure that your environment is supported.
  4. Review the Non-Production Installation FAQ's.
  5. Complete the PowerSchool Non-Production Instance Request.

Note: You must be registered as a technical contact in order to submit the online request.

Once your request has been processed, a Migration Specialist will be assigned to your account.  They will contact you within 1 business day to introduce themselves and verify the assignment.    A separate email will be sent to you confirming the dates you requested for your service.


Please direct the checklist or any questions to TSG at TSGHelpDesk@powerschool.com.

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