PowerSchool Installation Service


PowerSchool Installation Service offers services to have PowerSchool professionally installed for new PowerSchool customers.


To assist you through a new implementation of PowerSchool, the PowerSchool Technical Solutions Group (TSG) offers PowerSchool Software Installation services to provide remote installations of the PowerSchool application by PowerSchool System Engineers for new PowerSchool customers.

The Technical Solutions Group (TSG) also offers onsite Hardware Integration packages for districts that require custom-tailored solutions. Hardware Integration packages can include new 64-bit server hardware, Windows third party software, Virtualization, and professional onsite services provided by PowerSchool System Engineers to integrate the new PowerSchool environment.

Please note the PowerSchool Installation services are for new PowerSchool customers. Existing PowerSchool customers planning to upgrade to PowerSchool should refer to the PowerSchool Upgrade service.    


For more information, please contact TSG at tsghelpdesk@powerschool.com.