I received a system error.

 Common reasons for system errors include:


  1. Too many browser windows open at once. Close all windows but one, then log off and log back in.
  2. Trying to access the online system using Internet Explorer. To avoid system errors caused by internet browsers, please use Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Clicking away from a portion of the application without saving, then returning to the same section. You may have clicked away without saving your work, returned to the page, and re-answered a question in a different way, which can create two answers where only one is allowed.
  4. An uploaded document that is either larger than 5 MB, or in a file type unsupported by our system. To avoid this system error, upload a smaller document or convert your document into an approved file type.
  5. The document may have an additional feature preventing conversion – such as a digital signature, watermark or password field. See the question above for troubleshooting advice.
  6. Certain characters in the filename (such as slashes) may prevent the document from uploading. Rename the file with no special characters and try to upload again.

If you are still encountering difficulties after trying these workarounds, please contact the employer with the following information: the posting number, the date/time you applied, the text of the error message, and the username for your applicant account.

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