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If you are attempting to submit a payment on a PowerSchool Enrollment form but receive the error message “Payment Method Not Accepted”, this means that there was some issue processing your payment information. This could be because either you have entered incorrect information on the page, the payment method you are attempting to use is not accepted by your school district, or PowerSchool is processing this payment as a duplicate of a previous submission.

If you are having trouble submitting a payment, we would suggest contacting your school district for an alternative payment method. However, there are a few steps you can take before contacting your school district.


Resolution steps


  1. Ensure you are entering the correct zip code. PowerSchool Enrollment will not accept the payment with an incorrect zip code.
  2. If the zip code is correct, determine if you have used the same payment method within the same day to register another student. Occasionally the system will reject the payment if it is too soon after the other. Trying the next day is often effective.
  3. If you have not recently registered another student, try a different payment method or different credit card.
  4. If none of the above works, trying in 24-48 hours may be effective.


Still Not Working?

If these steps do not help you submit your payment, contact your school district’s Enrollment section for further assistance.

For additional support, please send a ticket through the following link:

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