COVID-19 PowerSchool BusinessPlus Readiness Kit

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COVID-19 PowerSchool BusinessPlus Readiness Kit


This PowerSchool Unified Administration Readiness Kit provides considerations and recommendations from PowerSchool for the Superintendents, Human Resources, Payroll and Business Office Employees using BusinessPlus.


After speaking with almost 200 customers we’ve heard the below items are some of the biggest challenges you’re facing as a result of COVID-19 and school closures.  We’ve put together a number of resources for you including community “office hours” where we’ll provide help on specific challenges you face.   

Please also check back in regularly or comment on the Community pages for more specific support.  If you need additional help, please reach out to your account executive, listed at the bottom, for more personalized support.


District Area


Recommended Solution

COVID-19 Office Hours


HR6201:  Families First Corona Response Act (FFCA)

Pay Code / CDH Setup for Employee Pay Tracking.

Please visit office hours


BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Accounts Payable

AP Check Processing for Non-ACH Vendors

Contact Vendors to have ACH Setup as a backup consideration for major vendors or initiate wire transfer.


Treasurer / Superintendent contact District Bank on processing checks to key vendors i.e. Insurance, Federal, State and Local Taxes.





BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Accounts Payable - Alternate Payment Method - Purchasing Card / Credit Card

District Credit Card or Purchasing Card for emergency purchases or payment.



BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours



1.    Confirm Entry/Approval users can access software

2.    Confirm Vendor will accept emailed Purchase Order

3.    Consider alternate option for Purchases (Credit Card Purchase)




BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Purchasing and Accounts Payable Attachments

Updating System Settings for Attachments

Creating Attachments when processing Purchases Orders and Vendor Check Vouchers

BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Employee Portal Activation

Ensure Employee Portal is activated to view pay vouchers, receive alerts.  Online Benefit Enrollment.



BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Payroll – Timecards

Switch from Paper Timesheets to Google Docs for Import Batch Timecards



BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Payroll - Payroll Checks

Payroll Processing

Employees remote would not have access to print Payroll Checks.

District advise employees to switch to Direct Deposit. If direct deposit bank account is not available utilized Pay Debit Card.


It works just like a debit card and can be used anywhere Debit Card is accepted – stores, restaurants, online retailers and even for online bill pay.




BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Payroll Garnishments

Contact State, or 3rd Party, Agencies on how to submit Garnishment Payments. If not currently processed electronically.



BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Payroll - Retirement Reporting

Contact the State regarding delay submitting Retirement Reports

Ensure processing Monthly and Quarterly reports are completed.


BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Benefits / Open Enrollment


Enrollment Online

1.    Confirm alternate methods for Benefit Uploads/Downloads with Vendors.

2.    Confirm enrollment, or change, procedures with Benefits Vendors.



BusinessPlus COVID-19 Office Hours


Remote Access to PowerSchool

Customers who are on premise are recommended to contact PowerSchool Technical Service Group for assistance with setup to access district servers and Networks firewall (VPN / Secure Website Access)


Please Contact Support for Assistance


Hardware - for Remote Work

Ensure employees have laptops or computers that have access to email, ERP Software, and supported browsers for software version.


General Notes


Server Backups - On Premise Backups

Backup Process review to determine if customer not physically at the district how will backups be monitored.

Select service through TSG / Hosting for backups.

Please Contact Support for Assistance


Arrange for Consultant on Call:  A consultant will be available to assist as needed with processing remotely.  Please contact your Account Representative.  See Below: