Where can I find the enrollment application


Where can I find the enrollment application

How do I start enrollment application
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Access the PowerSchool Enrollment Portal:


  • Visit the enrollment portal website provided by your school or district. It might have a specific URL or link for enrollment.

Create an Account (if required):


  • If you are a new user and don't already have an account on the enrollment portal, you may need to create one. I recommend reviewing the following articles for more information.

How-To: Create an Account


How-To: Add Students to the Parent Portal


Start a New Application:


  • After logging in, look for an option to start a new enrollment application. This option is often labeled as "Start New Application," "Enroll," or something similar.

Complete the Application Form:


  • Fill out the enrollment application form with all the required information. This typically includes providing student and family details, emergency contact information, residency verification, health information, and any other data requested by your school or district.

Please let me know if this helps or in case of further questions.



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