Unable to complete registration and submit

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Unable to complete registration and submit



I got a link from the school district and click on it to get myself register. I fill up my details and was asked about the date of birth of my son but the system rejects the date of birth I key in and I am stuck now. 


Please help. 


Let me know what details you need and how can I send it securely to you

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Hi! @yjs_pink,


I suggest reviewing the Enrollment form to ensure you are entering your child's birth date in the format prescribed within the Enrollment form.  If you are receiving an error message that your child's birth date is not correct, I recommend reaching out to the school to confirm the school has the correct birth date within the school's student information system.  If the birth date is incorrect, the school should be able to change your child's birth date.

Muskan Sehar

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