Neighborhood school Change.


Neighborhood school Change.

My son was enrolled in Preschool at Kimbrough Elementary for 2021-2022 year and it’s still enrolled. It is his neighborhood school. I asked the school office since November-December about Kindergarten registration and they responded that no action was needed from my part if it was his neighborhood school, that he would be enrolled automatically. I continued to ask many times after that to make sure and the same answer was given to me. I did my own research and found out that when I input my address the school had changed. He is now supposed to be enrolled for Golden Hill Elem. and brought that up to the current school office and apparently I was the first one to mention that change. They contacted the school district and now I am supposed to enroll my son for school of choice for the school he is at now and it’s way passed the enrollment date line and he is put on the waitlist and not sure he will have a spot at his now school. Is there something I can do or the office for my son to stay At Kimbrough? I was told to not apply for him multiple times and now he lost priority and send to waitlist.
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Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community! In this case, you would need to continue to reach out to the Designated Support Contact(s) at your child's school for further assistance. 

Nina R.
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