Practical Life Lessons for Students

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Practical Life Lessons for Students

PowerSchool Team

Use the following lists to ask for your child’s help around the house. Older kids can do items on the lists for younger kids or they can help teach anything in those lists to younger kids. Beyond these lists, use Pinterest, Google, and/or other resources for more ideas. In a Montessori environment, these tasks are practical life lessons or care of environment lessons that help teach children of all ages the importance of caring for the environment they live in with their families. Please consider adding your ideas to this discussion in the forum we have.


Pre-Kinder through Early Elementary Ages 

  • Set the table 
  • Clear the dishes 
  • Load and empty the dishwasher 
  • Wipe down flat surfaces 
  • Pick, sort, and put away toys 
  • Dig spots for plants 
  • Sort items – food, books, videos, games 
  • Make sandwiches for lunch 
  • Make the bed 
  • Tie shoes 
  • Ride a bike 
  • Learn to tell time 
  • Dial 9-1-1, learn home address & phone number 
  • Feed and provide water to pets 
  • Learn how to scooter and roller skate 
  • Learn how to knit and crochet  
  • Learn how to scoop, measure, and pour 
  • Open and shut windows and drapes/blinds


Middle and Upper Elementary Ages 

  • Hand wash dishes 
  • Create and follow a daily plan 
  • Plan a meal and help prepare it 
  • Sort laundry 
  • Help take care of plants 
  • Organize foods 
  • Learn to how to mix, stir, beat, and scrape a bowl 
  • Sort toys – donate, keep, trash 
  • Dust furniture – all surfaces 
  • Rake leaves and place in green waste container 
  • Sweep sidewalks and driveway 
  • Strip the sheets off a bed to wash them 
  • Write and address a letter 
  • Answer and make a phone call 
  • Read a map (paper) 
  • Walk the dog 
  • Clean up after family pets 
  • Clean bedroom 
  • Use hammer, screwdriver, and wrench 
  • Learn how to sew 
  • Sort, fold, and put away blankets, sheets, towels 
  • Pack a suitcase 
  • Clean shoes 
  • Music lessons 
  • Build a fire and temporary shelter 
  • Set up a tent  
  • Roll up sleeping pad and bag


Middle School Ages 

  • Sort, wash, dry, fold, and iron laundry 
  • Plan, shop, and cook simple (five ingredient) recipes 
  • Learn cooking and baking terminology 
  • Bake simple recipes  
  • Clean and organize pantry 
  • Pull weeds 
  • Mow lawn 
  • Vacuum 
  • Babysit 
  • Make an appointment 
  • Clean bathrooms 
  • Write emails  
  • Create and keep a personal calendar (digital or paper) 
  • Clean, organize, and rearrange bedroom 
  • Use more tools  hand saw, sander,  
  • Create a wood or metal object  
  • Mend clothes 
  • Try a new sport or establish an exercise routine 
  • Research, find, and learn new education apps 
  • Fill out forms 
  • Open a savings and checking account 
  • Make deposits and withdrawals from account 
  • Keep track of transactions 
  • Learn first aid and CPR 


High School Ages 

  • Run errands – if licensed to drive 
  • Prep and paint room 
  • Clean and organize garage 
  • Search out new recipes to cook or bake 
  • Create and help cook a weekly meal plan for the family 
  • Create and follow a budget 
  • Buy postage 
  • Weigh and send a package 
  • Clean the mirrors and windows 
  • Wash the cars 
  • Fill cars with gas 
  • Change a tire 
  • Learn engine light indicators 
  • Check and add oil to a car engine 
  • Add water to a car engine  
  • Use power tools  
  • Polish furniture or silverware 
  • Refinish furniture 
  • Research and apply for job opportunities 
  • Prepare a resume 
  • Practice interview skills