Multiple Phone Numbers

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Multiple Phone Numbers

Is it possible to add a second phone number for my students?

Right now I only see the option for 1 number per child. This is very troublesome since many children live in split households and it makes it hard to communicate between the two households if there is only one number. 

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To assist you further, would you please confirm are you enquiring about adding the second phone number in the enrollment form or in the student's data?  


For the enrollment form, you will have the option in the form itself to add or change the phone number.  If you want to add the second number to the student's information,  I recommend reaching out to the school district administrator who should be able to update this information in the Student Information System.

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I am talking about the students data, and yes I have reached out to both the school and the district and they both said that powerschool only allows for 1 number. Maybe its a configuration setting on their end but as far as I know this isn't possible.