Why two passwords?

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Why two passwords?



I would like to understand why the credentials I used on [cityname].powerschool.com/public didn't work for help.powerschool.com. Wouldn't it make sense for it all to be the same account? 


I had to create a new account in order to log into help.powerschool.com because it wasn't accepting my credentials. I used the same email address and username, and made up a new password. I just checked, and sure enough, I'm still using two different passwords to log into each site. 


As complicated as today's technology can be, why not let users have the same account for both these related websites?



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Hi! @ZippytheLizard 


Thank you for your feedback.


The ability for us to use the same login credentials between these sites is not currently available in our Community.  We understand that this would be a helpful feature and we would love to see this available as well.

This is a request we have received from others and we have added it to our list of Community feature requests.  I will add you as a requestor as well.  Once the Single Sign-On capability is available, we will update the What's New area under About our Community.

Muskan Sehar

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