Automated Discipline Process (Entry, Automated Emails, Report Generation, State Reporting)


Automated Discipline Process (Entry, Automated Emails, Report Generation, State Reporting)

Is anyone aware if PS has features allowing for automated emails to go to a set of people based on an action taken after teacher referral? For instance, a teacher has gone through our 3-step interventions process in the classroom with a student for general classroom disruptions to the process of education where the student does not change behavior (1. Proximity fly-by w/out interrupting class, 2. Door way conversation w/student where we ask a teacher have a direct conversation about the behavior while maintaining supervision of the classroom in their periphery, 3. Parent contact via phone or email, 4. Observation entry elevated to teacher referral) and a student is to be assigned an intervention (lunch detention, after-school detention, ISS, OSS, OSS pending)? In the case of lunch detention and after school detention when assigned by administration an automated email would go to a specific group (admin, teacher making the referral for action, lunch detention teachers, after-school detention teachers, student, and parent) or in the case of ISS, OSS, OSS pending (admin, teacher making the referral, TOR/Director of Spec. Ed for SPED students assigned removals, student, parent, and attendance secretaries). What we are looking for is automation of our process. These features are in place in Skyward (used in my previous district of employment) and I would be shocked if PS didn't have these capabilities. I am wondering if our district PS administrators are either unaware of these capabilities or are in need of PS professional development/PS resources and support to work through the process because setup is labor intensive on the front end. At my previous district, Skyward did all of this, based on the action that was taken. In addition to an automated email, all pertinent data was pulled and placed into a nicely formatted file on school letterhead, it was automatically generated and automatically attached to the email notification. Is PS setup in this way in any PS districts to your knowledge @MichaelW8 @jamiem7  This is the end goal for our notification process. We then were able to automatically process daily reports for ISS teachers, lunch detention teachers, and after-school detention and those were emailed daily to those teachers by the Skyward system. 


To provide further context, our data is a complete mess district wide. Staff at various steps in the entire process are able to freely enter whatever they want into incident management, for instance, chewing gum is a selectable offense in a drop down that was created by an elementary administrator. Chewing gum is not a state reportable offense type in our state's legislative code. Further, we have multiple selectable drop downs or allow staff to freely key in offense reasons. We have 25 state designated codes for behaviors and, over time, our district staff at various levels (office staff, admin staff, district staff) have added an additional 48 behavior codes all of which could have and should have been classified under on of the state codes and further nuance could be added into the description field narrative linking the specific behavior of a student to a defined state code. We are in significant disproportionality in a couple of K-5 and 6-8 buildings and the state requires district wide analysis even if only one school is significantly disproportionate. We began working on analyzing the data and because of our processes the data cannot provide accurate information. I cannot begin to fathom the amount of data clean-up that occurs by district PS administrators each year prior to final state reporting dates...Thanks in advance to everyone for your help, insights, and replies to this thread!


Ultimately we are in need of support by PS technical assistance team to help our district level administrators setup full functionality of this process. I would like to know who I can contact to facilitate this discussion and organize professional development for the district PS administrative team so we can get this process setup. Thanks!

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Please email me at I believe I may have something that would be very interesting for you and your school and would love to chat about it. I would send a message on this site but couldn't really find an easy way to if there was.