2021-2022 Registration

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2021-2022 Registration

This afternoon I tried to access my son's account for 2021-2022 Registration and when I did I was given a message that stated "Record on Hold-Your student account is currently on hold".  Could this be because we turned in the paper version of the registration form to his school site last week? 

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Hi! @kerisrod 


If you receive a message stating "Record On Hold", this means that a hold has been placed on your form and will need to be removed before you can access it.


While it is recommended that you reach out to your school to request the hold is removed, there are a couple of troubleshooting steps that you can try before contacting your school.  This article should walk through common troubleshooting steps if you are receiving a message "Record On Hold" when attempting to access your son's registration form.

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