Issue: Email with Enrollment Instructions is not received


After a student is approved from the Enrollment Express administrative dashboard, an automated email message is sent to the parent user to inform them that they can continue the process.  This email also provides the next set of instructions from the district to the parent, a link to the parent portal, and the information needed to link the student account to the parent’s account. 



Parent Form Responders 



When the article contains steps for achieving a certain end, you may want a process area.  It should begin by saying what the process is meant to do.

  1. Process Steps
  2. In an Ordered List
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5

How to know that the process is complete, or the general action to take afterward.

  1. Ensure 60 minutes have elapsed since you were notified the email would be sent. 
  2. Check your email’s SPAM or junk folders.  The message will be coming from your districts generic PowerSchool email.

Still Not Working? 

Contact the district directly to ensure that your student’s record has been approved. 



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