Weights for tests

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Weights for tests

I'm new to PS and teaching in general (coming in from a trades background). The entire school system switched to PS this year so we are all learning how to use the system. I'm trying to set up assignments so that some are more important than others. Test A is worth twice what Test B is and so on. Is there a website with instructions on how to do this? We were given no documentation at all. Thanks

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You can potentially treat each test as its own grading category in the gradebook and set up the percentages as you'd like - teachers often have traditional categories like "Quizzes," "Tests," "Homework," "Behavior" etc in order to weight multiple assignments in each category as they'd like, but you can also have each category have a single assignment and mess with the percentages of the overall as you please.


Another option is to select Schoology's (or PowerSchool's if that's what you're using and they have it) point scale instead of percentages – that way, a tests category can have one test worth, say, 50 points and another 100 so that there's more weight on the latter.