Infinite Campus vs PowerSchool thoughts

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Infinite Campus vs PowerSchool thoughts

My District"s SIS is now EOL. I've gone through the sales spiels and demos with both. Leaning towards Infinite Campus as they've partnered with my current vendor (Tyler SIS) for no cost data migration. We're small, so the cost factor is a really important aspect. I'm hoping someone has an "If I could make that decision again..." thought after using either that they'd share. Or any other feedback on either.

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We were originally going with Infinite Campus, but quickly realized they did not have the state reporting capability (Texas) that we needed.  We had already started loading data into IC and then had to stop and redo it all again for PowerSchool.  We found no difference between the two for data loading.  




I was in a similar situation many years ago. PowerSchool bought SASIxp and EOL'd it. This was back when Pearson owned PowerSchool and I did not like how they managed the transition. Ultimately, we picked IC over PS. Fast forward many more years and I am with a new district on another coast when PowerSchool buys out the SIS we're using, eSchool+. I evaluated everything again intending to go with what was familiar to me, IC, but ultimately chose PowerSchool due to its great flexibility with customizations.